Customer Journey + Target Audience


Definition of a target audience for your content and advertising (required). Includes audience segmentation (demographics and interests) and notes about your customer journey. Best if supported by existing data about your customers, so please share any resources under Business Info in your account.

4-5 working days delivery. You will receive a custom downloadable PDF presentation with:

  • Research highlights and links about your industry’s consumer behaviour;
  • A table with audience segmentation containing demographics, interests and behaviour for each of the main marketing objectives: awareness, consideration and conversion;
  • Example of an audience segmentation on Facebook Ads;
  • Notes about your customer journey (how your customer finds and purchases your products or services).

4-5 working days delivery (add 1 working day for each additional service ordered).

Does not include an Action Plan. This is to define an optimal target audience for your digital marketing activities, so you can focus your content creation and advertising on a specific set of customers that are considered your ideal target.